About Me

I’ve spent most of my life in Thailand, but have been abroad a few times, most notably to Cardiff where I studied on the Bridge Programme (and was awarded the ‘Most Excellent Student’ award).

I obtained my Bachelors of Education from Rajabhat Rambhaibarni University in Chantaburi some years ago; and my Masters of Education from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok in 2014 (click here for a list of my qualifications).

I teach at a state school called Prasartwittaya school, and I’ve been here since January 2016 (prior to that, I taught at Krathiamwittaya School for 3.5 years); both schools are located in Surin province, Thailand.

For those visitors who aren’t in Thailand, or are unfamiliar with Thailand’s geography, Surin is in the North-east of the country, about 480 km from Bangkok.

As a member of the school’s foreign department, my role and other functions include:

  • Teaching Basic English 5 and 6 to Grade 9 students
  • Teaching Additional English including English for working and General English to Grade 11 students
  • Helping the foreign department with public relations
  • Assisting with the school administrative and personnel work

As you can no doubt imagine, with a school of 3,000 pupils, there’s a lot going on, so I invite you to look through my site, to learn a little more about me, my educational qualifications, achievements, awards, and so on.


Educational Qualifications
  • Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL – International program), Education faculty, Chulalongkorn University

  • Bachelor’s degree in English, Education faculty, Rajabhat Rambhaibarni University

  • Junior Vocational Certificate in secretarial work, Surin Vocational College

  • Junior High School Certificate, Prasatwittayakarn school

  • Primary school Certificate, Ban Kokphet School

Additional Courses
  • Full-time study on the Bridge Programme, Cardiff University, UK

    Creative Writing course, Cardiff University, UK

  • IELTS preparation, British Council, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Seminar on Integrated-learning Morality for Developing Communities, Lab School Project, Youth development Center, Surin, 2013

  • Seminar for Continual Teacher Development and Improvement, Thongtharin Hotel, Surin, 2013

  • Training in Designing Standardized Learning Units, Sirindhorn dam, Ubonratchathani, 2012

  • Training and developing of Newly Qualified Teachers program, Sirindhorn dam, Ubonratchathani, 2012

Research and Writing

I have carried out the following principal research and writing tasks:

  • ‘Effects of strategy-based reading instruction on English reading ability and reading self- efficacy of lower secondary school students.’ This 274-page thesis was carried out as part of my Master’s degree award, and was presented to Chulalongkorn University in 2014.

  • A study in the Title of effects of a word stress game on pronunciation of grade 9 students, presented to Educational Service Area Office 33, 2013

  • As co-author and translator of a series of educational books and online applications for teaching foreign English speakers to learn Thai. This series is called QUEST (Quick, Easy Simple Thai), and consists of the following 4 books and 2 apps: Learning Thai Your Great Adventure, The Perfect Thai Phrase Book, Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure, How to Read Thai (books); and The Learn Thai Alphabet app, and The Learn Thai Numbers app (web and iPad applications).

Moral Principles for Working
  • The basis for success: will, effort, thoughtfulness, and reasoning
  • Ethics for living: kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and neutrality
  • Moral shame and dread